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Blogs and a new way of communication 3


This is another example of how to make a blog work. From a technically point of view, it is very well put together. Also, it is a blog for and about students and student life. It is full of announcements regarding possibilities of internships and interesting conferences. It is a platform of alternative education.

Blogs and new ways to communicate 2

This is a blog for mass-media members and other kinds of public. It has videos, photos, articles, press releases, event agendas, etc. It is a model of how to do a good institutional blog. This is the blog of University of Bucharest.

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Blogs & new way of communication

I know I have been really lazy that I haven’t been writing on my blog, but I hope you’ll findI have done a lot of stuff since then. I am currently teaching assistant in cultural anthropology and communication and working as a Public Relations department Coordinator. How does that match? I don’t know, it seems it does.

As a coordinator at the Public Relations department at the University of Bucharest, we have done some things, and here is the presentation trailer of three blogs that we started and that we are writing at constantly:

I hope you’ll enjoy it, especially that we really worked our asses on them.

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